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Maximizing Efficiency. Minimizing Costs.

An advanced vision-based A.I. system with the power to navigate complex, real-world environments with ease, work safely alongside employees, and can be used manually as needed.

  • Teach and Repeat programming- any operator can quickly and easily program new routes
  • Easily navigates complex & dynamic floor plans
  • Simple & intuitive user-interface
  • Eliminates collision damage & driver errors
  • Can be used autonomously or manually for ad-hoc cleanups
  • Frees up staff for higher-value tasks
  • Proven scrubber platform for reliable performance and easy, routine maintenance.
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EMMA is easy to use. Simply position EMMA near your wall mounted home code and then follow the steps below.

  1. Teach

    Teach EMMA how to clean by manually scrubbing a route the same way a scrubber is typically used.

  2. Save

    EMMA will store 6 unique routes on each of 10 provided home codes (60 possible routes).

  3. Run

    Select a saved route from the home code and EMMA will clean exactly what you’ve taught.

A Team Player

EMMA is a teammate that performs most efficiently when working in conjunction with another employee. When users activate EMMA, they can edge clean at the same time or move onto other tasks (such as dusting, cleaning windows, etc.) while EMMA continues to scrub floors nearby.


  • Turning Indicators
  • 3D Sensors
  • Brain Module
  • Warning Light
  • Joy Ride Detection
  • Wheel Sensors

Turning Indicators

Flashing lights alert others when EMMA is making sudden turns.


3D Sensors

Gives EMMA a constant assessment of the operating environment to avoid accidental collisions.


Brain Module

This is where all of EMMA’s deep thinking is done with some of the most advanced technology in the industry.



Advanced light detection and ranging sensing technology lets EMMA create an accurate landscape map of the cleaning route. These maps provide valuable insights into how much of your space was cleaned and can highlight areas where the robotic scrubber consistently encounters obstacles, allowing you to make changes to improve performance.


Warning Light

Bright flashing light alerts others that EMMA has been activated.


Joy Ride Detection

Pressure-sensitive sensors automatically shut EMMA down should anyone try to sit in the driver’s seat during robotic operation mode.


Wheel Sensors

EMMA’s wheel sensors ensure the cleaning route is followed accurately and safely.

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Scrubber Specifications

Cleaning Path Width 26 in
Squeegee Width 33.8 in
Brush Speed 210 rpm
Brush Pad Pressure 77-165 lbs
Solution Flow Rate 0-0.71 gal/min
Max Grade Manual 2%
Max Grade Autonomous 0%
Max Manual Speed 4 mph
Max Manual Productivity Rate 46,285 ft/hr
Max Autonomous Speed 2 mph
Noise 68 dBA

Dimensions & Capacity

Length 65 in
Width 33.8 in
Height 54 in
Weight 619 lbs
Weight With Batteries 920 lbs
Solution Tank Capacity 29 gal
Recovery Tank Capacity 29 gal


24V DC Drive Motor 850W
24V DC Brush Motor 450W x 2
24V DC Vacuum Motor 450W
Nominal Voltage 24V
Batteries 4-6V, 335Ah, no maintenance AGM
Run Time Up to 4 hours